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Hip Sudoku – Sudoku Solver and Generator

Enter your own puzzle to use the solver or play unlimited games created by the generator.

Sorry for your inconvenience.
The flash cannot be properly displayed in Windows Live Space.
You can play Hip Sudoku here.

Features :
1. Unique solution for each puzzle
2. Symmetrical puzzles
3. Save/Load
4. Show all possibilities
5. Pencil marks
6. Undo and show hints

Author Notes
Someone may notice that the solver cannot solve some difficult puzzles.
This is due to the fact that Adobe Flash is not designed specifically for programming, and thus it has very slow execution time.
Originally, I wrote the solver algorithm in C# and ran it in Microsoft Visual Studio.
It worked very well and solved all solvable puzzles in no time.
When I used the same algorithm and translated it into a flash, it took at least ten times longer to solve a puzzle.
To fix the problem, I deliberately cut down some of the codes into simpler version, resulting in an inferior solver.
I think the solver is still very good and can solve most of the puzzles.

I had a hard time to create the generator. Most of the articles I found in the Internet was talking about how to solve a puzzle.

There were very few articles talking about how to create a puzzle.
So, I didn’t have a clue how to do it. Anyway, I made it from scratch.
The generator has two main problems. 
First, it cannot consistently reach a desired difficulty, since it contains a lot of random elements. 
Sometimes, you will get a normal difficulty in hard difficulty.

The second problem is that it cannot create a very difficult puzzle, even though it can solve the puzzle easily.

The puzzles rarely have a hard difficulty and the hard one is not super hard.
I have to admit there are a lot of rooms to improve for the generator.

Algorithms used by the solver
1. Naked Single
2. Naked Pairs
3. Naked Triples
4. Naked Quads
5. Hidden Single
6. Hldden Pairs
7. Hldden Triples
8. Hidden Quads
9. Intersection Removal (Locked Candidates)
10. X-Wing
11. Sword-fish
12. Jelly-fish
13. Simple-Coloring
14. Multi-Coloring
15. Trial and Error

Program Information
Released : 05/14/2007
File Size : 72.4 KB
Compatability : Flash Player 7 or later

Play Offline
Free download here:

Use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to open the file.
(When double click on the file, windows will ask what program should be used.)

For those who don’t know how to play Sudoku, you can learn the basics from Wikipedia.

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  1. June
    September 3, 2009 at 15:04

    หวัดดีค่ะคือตอนนี้จูนกำลังทำโปรเจคเขียนเกมส์sudokuโดยใช้แฟลชอยู่อ่าค่ะ คืออยากรบกวนให้ส่งโค้ดให้หน่อยได้รึป่าวคะ ที่ june_jj106@hotmail.com ขอความกรุณาด้วยค่ะ

  2. Natpat
    August 2, 2007 at 02:02

    นี่เทอ 9×9 เราสมองช้า
    เคบเล่นใน โนเกีย 3×3
    แต่พี่ปอเก่งอ่ะ เขียนแฟลชเองหมดเลยป่าว  

  3. asipon
    August 1, 2007 at 03:04

    I\’ll send your game to my all friends loey 555+. 

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